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Impurity offers a one(1) year manufacturing warranty on all our frames.
This warranty only covers cracks and snapped tubing.
Other problems such as bends, dents, cosmetic damages, stripped threads, etc…
are not attributed to product failure and are considered to be rider abuse or improper maintenance.
Thus they will not be covered under the one year manufacturing warranty.

Impurity offers a one(1) year manufacturing warranty on all forks.
This warranty covers cracks, bends and breakages of our fork.
It does not cover forks that have been bent backwards, been dented, or have stripped threads, etc…
These are not considered product failures.

HandleBars And Cranks
Impurity offers a six (6) month manufacturing warranty on our bars & cranks.
This warranty only covers cracks and breaks.

Titanium Stuff, Gyros
Impurity does not offer any warranty for any of our Ti Products.
Please note that we also do not warranty:
1: Improperly assembled products.
2: Normal wear and tear.

The warranty is based on a first owner basis for the period stated above from the date of purchase.
Any replacement parts issued using this warranty will not carry a warranty of it’s own.
The original receipt of purchase must be kept and be presented during a warranty claim.
Modification of products, including cutting the steer tube will void your warranty if the failure is determined to be caused by the modification.
Any labour/transport shipping cost from a warranty claim is not included and is borne by the purchaser.

*If it is possible to help in any issues regarding warranty, we will reply to you as soon as we can and send you a replacement as fast as we can. We know how it feels to not be riding!