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About Impurity

The Impurity Bike Co. – not another rider-owned BMX company

The Impurity Bike Co. was established in 2009 to provide riders in the BMX scene with a larger variety of no-nonsense, affordable and quality components.

We feel that bike stuff these days are becoming too commercialised and advertising driven. What has happened to the great age of BMX? The way we see it, the industry is moving further away from simplicity, user friendliness, honesty and necessity as a result of global commercialization and the democratization of design.

Impurity is about unique design and about designing new types of components so that the end user can obtain a designer-based value-added product without bearing the additional cost of mass marketing and branding.

A Global Mindset from Day One. The company, based in Singapore, operates with a global mindset. From the start, it sponsored a global team of riders to provide design inputs and to test its products. Today, the team includes riders from Australia, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Malaysia and UK. Impurity’s products are the culmination of design inputs and product testing feedback from three continents. This global approach gives the company the confidence to innovate in radically new directions. Ideas for new products do not come from a single pro rider but from the collective intelligence of a global team, reflecting the global makeup of today’s BMX market.

Intimately plugged into Taiwan’s bike manufacturing network. Nick Huang, the founder of Impurity, has travelled to the remote regions of Taiwan to look for reliable bike parts manufacturers and was lucky to discover a cluster of highly specialised companies that produce amazing quality and are constantly innovating.

“Don’t Hate, Innovate.” At Impurity, we are innovation driven, not calendar driven. We do not have product years -2011 models, 2012 models etc. We would introduce a new product or a new version of an existing product only when we are convinced that we can take it to an exciting new level of performance.

We will be happy to answer any enquirers you may have; we exist to serve the BMX community. We love what we do and it will stay that way. As a result we don’t have to buy into the culture; we simply create it.